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    Balancing cost, effectiveness, compliance regulations, environmental impact & health, SynTech has developed a complete line of palliatives for any fugitive dust issue.

    We offer environmentally friendly dust control solutions for Steel Mills, Haul Roads, Utilities, Mine Sites, Railroad & Trucking Terminals, Stone Quarries, Grain Terminals, Scrap Yards, Landfills, Unpaved Roads, Military Installations, Ore & Aggregate Piles, Tailings Ponds, Storage & Shipping Yards, & Horse Arenas.

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    SynTech has a full line of materials for both Municipal & Industrial winter maintenance operations. Our liquid & granular materials have been effectively utilized by Departments of Transportation, Cities, States, Counties, Commercial & Residential Properties, Railroads, Utilities, Steel Mills, Mining & Material Handling Operations, and Industrial Plants

    High Performance Engineered Liquid Deicers have driven our Ice Control Engineering division to be a market leader.

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    Our products can greatly enhance operations and project longevity in contrast to traditional techniques. Increased load bearing & long term durability with stabilization can help save time, materials and money- all while increasing productivity.

    We offer environmentally friendly erosion control/ soil stabilization solutions for Haul Roads, Parking Lots, Storage Yards, Construction Sites, Ditch Lines, Slopes, Aggregate & Ore Piles, Ash and Tailings Ponds, Tank Trails, Unpaved Shoulders, Trails, & Paths.

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