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  • SynTech Products specializes in manufacturing and providing dust control products and solutions for clients in the industrial, municipal, military and dozens of other industries whose success depends on overcoming dust conditions.

    Dust Control Products * Engineering & Compliance * Turnkey Application Services

    Balancing cost, effectiveness, compliance regulations, environmental impact & health, SynTech has developed a complete line of palliatives for any fugitive dust issue.

    PetroTac®, EDC®, EC46®, Tech Suppress® 2112HS®

    We offer environmentally friendly dust control solutions for Steel Mills, Haul Roads, Utilities, Mine Sites, Railroad & Trucking Terminals, Stone Quarries, Grain Terminals, Scrap Yards, Landfills, Unpaved Roads, Military Installations, Ore & Aggregate Piles, Tailings Ponds, Storage & Shipping Yards, & Horse Arenas.

    SynTech Products has set the industry standard for Engineering & Compliance Programs, Fugitive Dust Control Products, & Turnkey Application Services. Our experienced staff of field technicians, engineers & trained applicators compliments our environmentally friendly dust control products to ensure safety & compliance with Title V Permits, Work Practice Standards, National Ambient Air Quality Standards, PM 10, & PM2.5.

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