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A Few Words About SynTech Products

  • SynTech Products specializes in manufacturing and providing dust, erosion and ice control products and solutions for clients in the industrial, municipal, military and dozens of other industries whose success depends on overcoming dust, erosion, ice, or unstable soil conditions.

    We provide our customers with the highest quality products and customer service. We are continually growing our products and provide individual and personal service to every customer. We have environmental experts on staff to help you solve the most complex dust abatement, soil stabilization and ice control issues. Simply call us and one of our specialists will work directly with you to properly solve the problem.

    SynTech Products has been a leader in industrial solutions since 1974. Innovative specialty blended cleaners, both aqueous and solvent based, for use in heavy industry and power production, have been a driving force behind our research and development.

    SynTech’s commitment to the environment and product performance has led us to be a one-stop-shop for industrial dust control and compliance. SynTech provides credible evidence of compliance with Title V and NAAQ thru our engineering department. From onsite silt load studies, traffic pattern analysis, visible emissions observations and AP-42 calculations to fugitive dust control plans and implementation to reporting and record retention, SynTech can provide for all your dust control needs.

    SynTech’s understanding of controlling ice build-up has led to several extraordinary developments in anti-icing and de-icing. From anti-icing liquids to de-icing solids, chloride and non-chloride based material make us the ones to see if you need to control ice.

    SynTech continues its innovative beginnings with further research and development in earth friendly replacements to hazardous cleaning compounds in the industrial workplace such as non-flammable degreasers and pH-neutral cleaners.